What is Hypernoika?

Hypernoika (or Axxel Hypernoika) is the artistic and scene name of Axel Guillaumet. It was at the beginning the name of a hackerspace located into the center of Barcelona. The name was directly inspired from Telenoika, a Catalan collective of VJs and visuals artists and the word “hypernoia”, which means great rapidity of thought. At the middle of the 2011 year, Axel and Anabell created the Hypernoika collective and took place into the Riereta street in Barcelona to do activities. Now they are living in Mexico D.F , and Axel uses Hypernoika as his own artistic project.


Axel was born in 1985 in Dijon in France and started his life passion disassembling a B&W CRT TV when he was 5 years old. Fascinated for the things he saw inside the TV, he wanted to learn more about electronics. When he was 8 years old, his parents offered him an electronics kit to learn how does it works, with soldering iron. When he was 13, he recycled his first computer with parts finded into garbage, an Intel 386SX 20 Mhz with 2MB of RAM and a 40MB hard drive. He made his firsts programs and learned to develop with Microsoft QBASIC integrated with MS-DOS 6.22, but he pass rapidly to Borland Pascal 7.0, a lot more efficient and fast development environement. He had video-games consoles (NES and SNES) but it was very limited because there wasn’t any way to develop software for it. Axel continues his global studies but in parallel he was learning about electronics and computing in an autodidact way. He found a real passion for the radio-transmission and the electronic music. He goes to Africa when he was 17 years old during 1 month to a local radio studio and helped people to fixing the hardware. He develop some projects for universities and enterprises (Volumatrix Project, Thomson tubes & display concentrycity cameras) until he finish his studies, obtaining a CIVA Licence (Industrial control by artificial vision) in France at the university of Le Creusot. When he finish his studies, Axel wanted to learn a new language and a new culture, and he decides to go live in Barcelona with an european exchange program called “Eurodyssée”. He had a practice of 8 month at Barcelona University developing a software of visualisation of datos in 3d in realtime (MovAgent Project), and created the enterprise Flaix Tecnologies (Now indyma). Finally he made some friends in Barcelona and found the Telenoika colective where he enters and the Hypernoika’s adventure started 😀


2013 : Full remodelling of Riereta local, VJ & DJ with U.S.B (underground Sound of Barcelona), prototypes and experiments with the Analog Video Synthesizer AXXV01, Basic Arduino Workshop in SEED, grave police problem for defending human rights, goodbye Catalunya :( but welcome Mexico DF!

2012 : Electronics workshop @telenoika, GenVJ and LaserShow 445 development, Boom Festival, DrapArt @CCCB, GinCat Festival, retro-gaming parties.

2011 : Electronics workshop @telenoika, SummerLab 2011, Instalation at Riereta en Barcelona, firsts retro-gaming parties, LaserPaint development, MediaTank, Just in case (teleshared action).