Analog Video Synthesizer // AXXV01

What is the Analog Video Synthesizer AXXV01?

This project consists of  the creation of a full generative video analog synthesizer. The objective consists on experimentation with the combination of  various types of signals generators, filters and logic functions to produce pictures. Then, I will mount all the stuff on a case and each filter will be controlled directly with various buttons and potentiometers, the ideal for VJs. I want to design the AXXV01 totally compatible with every video-composite device (CRT TV, LCD and Plasma TV, video-projector, video-capture card, …)

The developement:

Firstly, I need to get a video-composite signal, which will be the main output of the AXXV01. So I need to generate a vertical and horizontal syncho signals and the red green and blue components, and convert-it to a PAL or NTSC signal. Then, convert the raw RGB generated signal into a video-composite signal. To perform this, I tried to work with the MC1377, it was working perfectly with a CRT TV but it was impossible to get the color on the PC BT878 based video-capture board and on a car DVD Player. But in parallel, I tried with and Arduino Board to generate a synchro signal and RGB, it works, so good news, the AXXV01 is really possible to build 😀

Now I will be working with another more recent chip, the AD725…

To be continued…