La France en deuil.

Toutes mes pensées pour les victimes et pour cette atrocité qui a touché la France cela fait vraiment peu de temps.
Savoir la vérité la dedans risque d’être très dur mais si c’est pour encore leurs stupides histoires de pétrole, il serai plus qu’urgent d’inventer un système a hydrogène ou quoi que ce soi d’énergie libre et renouvelable pour mettre un terme final a ces stupides guerres, atrocités et actes de barbarie.

Trip Progressive Psytrance Autumn 2014 DJ Session by Axxel Hypernoika // Led modded DDJ-T1

Hello world! Welcome to the autumn 2014, testing a Pioneer DDJ-T1 with a live session of progressive psytrance :) BOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!

I bought this defectuous Pioneer DDJ-T1 of second hand. I changed the 4 faders, the loops and track search buttons, some switches and I changed all the leds of the controller! Blue white and pink! Classicism is sooooo boring no?

Mixed only with 2 channels, with exaggeration of effects use… be cool :)

Mixed with Traktor 2.6.7 on OSX 10.7 :)

Thanks for watching, I hope you will enjoy the trip :)


1 – 00:25 – Ritmo – The Way We Are (Lifeforms Remix)
2 – 08:30 – Normalize – Less Is More
3 – 12:40 – [[Axxel’s Blow of heart of the moment]] Phaxe & Morten Granau – Long Story Short (Yotopia Remix)
4 – 18:50 – Audiotec vs Ananda Shake – Jumper
5 – 24:40 – Fabio & Moon – Extraordinary (Original Mix)
6 – 30:10 – [[Axxel’s Blow of heart of the moment]] Flexus – The Beginning (Original Mix)
7 – 38:30 – Simply Wave – Hypnotic Mind Remix
8 – 42:10 – Jams Poon – Age Of Love (GMS Vs Cyrus The Virus New Rmx)

Video dedicado al Barabass y a toda su banda del domingo de la Lagunilla, lo pasamos de huevos pero ya ni se puede… Mañana sera otro dia :)

Obiamente un abrazo muy muy grande a toda la banda de U.S.B Underground Sound of Barcelona (Kasti, Jony, Alex, …) :) :)

MobilePhone PixelSWaLL – First demo with 9 devices

Can control UP than 240 Android devices :) !

A new project to build a wideowall with mobile phones (or tablet).

Transform your mobile in 1 or more pixels and control them with OSC protocol!

The world record was beaten with 144 devices in 2013, now I’m looking for a sponsor to beat it and improve the system…

You can’t imaginate how hard it was to find these 9 devices to record this little demo…

So thanks to “La banda de Republica del Salvador 17” Plaza de la tecnología – Mexico D.F :)

This demo used an Apple Macbook A1181 from 2007 with a core2duo 2.1 Ghz processor running under windows 7 with bootcamp.

The router used is an old Telmex router EchoLife HG520b, only wifi 802.11B or G, and it worked!

The android terminal application is made with Eclipse ADT and renders with OpenGL in real-time. The server application is made with Delphi 7 and uses DSPack library to read video files, Indy 10 to send over UDP and the vvvv OSCUtils.pas unit to create OSC bundle messages.

Thanks for watching!

Music credits:

Jahn Mini – Breathing Cyborg
Ample Mammal – Florida Slowdown
Ostin – Catastasis

SimpleOSCDecoder Unit for Delphi and Lazarus

SimpleOSCDecoder.pas is an OSC (Open Sound Control) unit to interpret easily incoming OSC messages with Lazarus or Delphi EDI. SimpleOSCDecoder.pas requieres INDY 9 or INDY 10 components installed to receive UDP protocol messages. I developed 3 example applications for Borland Delphi 7, Lazarus 1.0.12 for Windows and Lazarus 1.0.12 for Linux, to monitor all incoming OSC messages.

You can dowload here the following binaries for test:

  SimpleOSCDecoder Example Windows Binary (261.2 KiB, 92 hits)

  SimpleOSCDecoder Example Linux Binary (1.3 MiB, 206 hits)

All the source code is avaible on GitHub:

More info :