Just in Case // Teleshared action

“Just In Case” happened on december 9th 2011.

It took place in four different art centers simultaneously. A performer in Laboral (Gijon, Spain) interacted with an installation in Hangar (Barcelona, Spain) while a musical collaboration among five musicians occurred between Lieu Multiple (Poitiers, France) and Laboral.

A remote audience in SAT (Montreal, Canada) watched the whole process. The performer in Laboral dropped ropes on the floor. It activated sensors which triggered motors, in Hangar.  The motors opened boxes of salt placed on the ceiling, and activated 3D video elements projected onto the floor around the salt.

Hypernoika has collaborated with Intact to solve them a technical problem. I develop a mechanical system to open remotely the doors wich will be opened at distance.

To solve the problem, I used opening coils of classic eletro-magnetic lock door system. The arduino will send the opening signal trough 2n2222 NPN transistors and trough the bobin of a relay. So I can send the 12VDC power tough each electric lock door system.

More info on : http://www.intact01.net/es/archives/1112