The LaserPaint is a system which allows you to draw over walls, buildings or monuments, using a laser pointer like a brush. The drawing is captured by a video camera placed looking after the place where you will paint. A software specially designed by us will analyse the pictures and calculate the correct coordinates where the video projector will project the trace in real-time. A new alternative to artistic expression, innovator and original!

Hypernoika is now working on the final public release of the LaserPaint. So we will add these new principal features:

  • Android virtual color palette OSC over Wifi control
  • Precision and speed processing improved
  • Compatibility with all types of video-projectors
  • Ready to work with MIDI, DMX and OSC protocols
  • Ready to work with free hardware (Arduino)
  • Developed with Lazarus to allow a multi-platform compatibility.
  • We will develop a FreeFrame plugin to allow it to work with Resolume, VVVV or a software compatible with FreeFrames for VJ purpose and scenic arts.
  • Syphon outpout for OSX Version

If you are interested into the LaserPaint, you can contact with us. Here you can download the information and the needs for a correct installation, or you can contact us and ask for an offer.

  Hypernoika LaserPaint - Info setup English V0.3 (212.2 KiB, 118 hits)

Here you can download the presentation card.

  Hypernoika LaserPaint - Informative panel - Multilanguage (136.8 KiB, 269 hits)