Good Bye Spain, welcome to Mexico!

Now are ready for news adventures? The objectives are:

  • Find a space to live and rebuild a new workshop/laboratory.
  • Build the LaserShow 445 MK2.
  • Meet Rancho Electronico HackerSpace people and see what we can do together.
  • Work on the AXXV01 analog video synthesizer.
  • And of course buy a correct Pioneer CDJ and DJM sound equipment to prepare new performances and increase my DJ skills :)

Spanish monarchy and dictature // Defending human rights in Spain is very dangerous // Axel meets GESTAPO

I got a phone call from a suppose to be government id office, and when I got there, they looked me up in an office,  and planted a hug portfolio full of pictures of Pantera, while they where telling me, this is not an id matter… But a national security one!! I was so frightened and shocked surprised, a few weeks before that, the local newspaper had made me an interview at hypenoika, about the 3d Printer, and edited an article using information that I never gave them, absurd one, where they described how weapons  could be made with 3d Printers… And now, this!!  They started by asking me If I knew that woman, on the pictures, so I told them of course she is my couple, we live together, and so they said that she had an expulsion order from Europe, (Which is not true, Pantera is an activist and human rights defender, CNT. Affiliate, the activist arm of hypernoika).  And on the 15 of may, police had arrested in Barcelona 5 libertarian people, for making comments and posts on Facebook, and she had being making a lot of noise among with her libertarian friends,  to public spouse the dictatorship in Spain… They where to have a protest on the next afternoon and police knew all about it, so they insisted on the idea that she was dangerous and in danger, asking me to spy on her, telling me that I was perfect to work with them as an infiltrate, showing me the pictures they had of her in the protest and actions made since the 15M movement started, and pictures of hypenoika, inside out taken by the web, mentioning that If I helped them, as an informer they where going to let her go, and even pay my services, but that if I did not collaborated, since I worked at night in hypernoika, and I knew  informatics and electronics, so it could be dangerous for all of us, due to the idea that bombs usually are planted and made at night by people like Mee!!!!  I told them I was going to collaborate with them, and made an appointment for the next week to meet and gave them a list of all the people that Pantera gathers  with and a list of the (Ateneos libertarios) Where Anarchists meet.. Took my bike, ran so fast to a public phone, called Pantera to come to hypenoika quick, planted our mobile phones on the entrance, and tell her what had happen at the meeting with Gestapo Nazional Spanish Police.. Talk to friends and decide to leave.. Good by Spanish Dictature Monarchy..

Analog Video Synthesizer // AXXV01 // First viability study

What is the Analog Video Synthesizer AXXV01?

This project consists of  the creation of a full generative video analog synthesizer. The objective is for experimentation with the combination of  various types of signals generators, filters and logic functions to produce pictures. Then, I will mount all the stuff on a case and each filter, generator and logical function will be controlled directly with various buttons and potentiometers, the ideal for VJ. I want to design the AXXV01 fully compatible with every video-composite device (CRT TV, LCD and Plasma TV, video-projector, video-capture card, …)

The developement:

Firstly, I want to get a video-composite signal, which will be the main output of the AXXV01. So I need to generate a vertical and horizontal synch signals and the red green and blue components, and convert-it to a PAL or NTSC signal. Then, convert the raw RGB generated signal into a video-composite signal. To perform this, I tried to work with the MC1377, it was working perfectly with a CRT TV but it was impossible to get the colour on the PC BT878 based video-capture board and on a car DVD Player. In parallel, I tried with an Arduino Mega Board to generate a synch signal and the 3 RGB components, it worked, so good news, the AXXV01 is really possible to build 😀

Now I will work with another recent chip, more recent, the AD725…

To be continued…